Ensemble "The Party" | Info @ www.ensemble-theparty.be

“… from the mid-1860. During both spring and autumn the band of musicians around Mr and Mrs Lemmens-Sherrington (also named ‘party’), tour for a period of six weeks, performing in the English provinces about every evening. Sometimes there are two concerts in one day, with different programmes ... "

A musical group with names such as violinist Henry Vieuxtemps, bassist Giovanni Bottesini, harmonium Player Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, and his wife Helen Sherrington, a famous soprano at that time.

Hendrickje van Kerckhove, Bart Rodyns, Eliot Lawson and Lode Leire bring this 'Party' back to life.

The very original lineup with "pressure harmonium" is therefore the starting point. The former repertoire is supplemented by new programs.


Il Trionfo del Tempo | Info @ www.iltrionfodeltempo.com

Musica Antiqua Bruges (MAfestival) asked tenor Jan van Elsacker to put together a "Orpheus" program, "Il Canto d'Orfeo" was performed at this renowned festival in 2007. This question was a great opportunity to intense "teaming up" with good friend Bart Rodyns. Since then the ensemble played at almost every important festival...


Euterpe Baroque Consort | Info @ www.eubc.be

Founded in 2007 by artistic director Bart Rodyns. Very soon this young consort gained the confidence of several concert organizers. For example, they were a guest at "The Festival of Flanders" and "Summer of Culture Cloppenburger (D)", played "Klara in the Palace 2008 and 2009" (live broadcasted). Opened "Klara in Izegem" with Biber's Missa Bruxelensis ....


Oltremontano | Info @ www.oltremontano.com

Since its very inception the ensemble Oltremontano has been intimately linked with the Flemish classical radio Klara. It was brought together in 1993 by producer Koen Uvin for a radio recording of the motets of Andreas Pevernage. Oltremontano was subsequently a guest at the Festivals of Bruges and Antwerp and has since gone on to make a name for itself both in Flanders and abroad as one of the prominent performers of renaissance music for wind ensembles...

Collegium Ad Mosam | Info @ www.admosam.nl

Collegium ad Mosam in 1994, founded by artistic director Huub Ehlen. The ensemble now consists of a select group of professional singers, soloists and instrumentalists, who are ambassador for fascinating baroque music.





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